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Actually, I got my OE grill, trim molding, mounting clips, etc from Partsshop on this site. On another occasion I wanted some OE interior items as well, and they could get them for me in the right color for less than my dealer, but they pointed out to me that their shipping would drive the price up over the local dealers charge, and suggested I save money by purchasing it locally! Nice folks to deal with!

The original post indicated saving money, and went on to specify a dealer source. If I can get the same MB OE part from this site for less money than from a dealer, I will buy it here. Example, When I bought my MB OE sport rims, Caliber wanted $20 more per wheel than Partsshop quoted. My friend who owns a tire shop sold them to me for his cost since I was buying the tires there (about $10/wheel less than here, $30/wheel less than Caliber), so that was the route I took. It doesn't cost anything to check before you spend, and it may cost money to assume only a dealer can get the part.

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