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auxillary fan/alignment w124

At what temperature is the auxillary fan supposed to come on? I was driving today with the A/C on, and at idle, the temp was creeping past 100*C. It seems kind of hot to me. I checked when I got home, and the aux fan wasn't on. Fuses appear fine too. The car just had a coolant flush last week, and a new radiator and water pump 6 months ago. I just bought the car last week, and am trying to spot any possible problems. Could this be one?
Also, the steering wheel is cocked to the left, and the car tends to pull to the right a little. At freeway speeds, the car sometimes feels a little unsteady for a mercedes (like the wind is pushing it sideways although there is no wind). The steering wheel also vibrates slightly at freeway speeds. Any thoughts?
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94 E320 138k
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