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You are sure it is your oil pan and not the rear main seal ( which will drip from transmission bellhousing as well as frnt pump.) or the front timing cover which will leak all over passengers side of block and alternator bracket. If it is the oil pan gasket , I have never done one on ground but if you remove the front swaybar and remove all bolts from oil pan plus sender wire for low oil lever sender. Then remove motor mount bolts from bottom (two 8 allens or 17mm on some cars) you can borrow a jig to hoist engine from auto zone or somewhere ( dont need hoist on lift cause I use a screwjack under the alternator bracket to lift it) anyways sometimes you have to roll the engine over to clear the crankshaft to relmove oil pan. This should help you some but be sure to clean the engine and make sure it is leaking . I have many people come in with 300e's and e320's saying oil pan gasket leaking when the timing cover or rear main is at fault.
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