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Cardboard heater boxes if decent. Starter, generator, fuel pump. wheels. Turn signal apparatus. Chrome headlight surrounds if decent. definitely the ignition lock and key. Windhield wiper motor and arms. Chrome grille surround even if somewhat rusty. Bumper overriders if decent. instrument panel with all guages, especially the temperature and oil pressure guage all the way back to the engine. Star and rosette base. Valve cover and knobs. Horns. All other locks with keys. Voltage regulator. Coil and distributor. Bakelite dask and window surrounds. Bakelite surround for radio. Tools and manuals. Original jack. All trim strips if not broken. window cranks and regulators and glass. Rear window glass. Ash trays. Clock. Entire dash. Transmission. Radiator and water pump. Fuel pipe from fuel pump to carb. All condensers. These are all parts I have sold easily from ponton parts troves I have found.
1959 M-B 220S cabriolet
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