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Originally Posted by Douglas Broome View Post
Recently there has been a major discussion on the Yahoo ponton group mweb site about the CD version of the service manuals. Mayn people have had trouble getting the CDs to work on very current Windows versions. Don't work on a Mac.
I'm quite sure that Steve Nervig is partial to the Mac so reasonably sure that his indices will play nice therein. His interface is lightyears superior to anything provided directly on any of the CD manuals, and for those with more than one model manual the Service Library organizes all model indices for access from a common link. Again, download is at

I currently have manuals for 6 different models all accessible through the Service Library running XPPro. I've forgotten which model(s) specifically are classified as Ponton, so I'm not sure whether he and his collaborators have done the necessary legwork to have indexed the Ponton manual; check at the above link. I'd be very surprised if his indices don't work with Vista as well.

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