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Unfortunately we have not completed our kit that is in the works, I and another technician who has been working on Mercedes for over 10 years have been working on the nippendenso problem. He has his 124 outfitted with the ( prototype kit) and it has been a little over a year with no problems . It is a 134 system and pressures are perfect. We would like to have this system work with no flaws before selling to public DIYers. So far so good , takes a new klima relay and new compressor with modified manifold hoses and modified a/c bracket . Sounds like alot of work but the efficiency is unreal compared to nippendeso. I will put the kit on my car in July and see how it goes since we are both down south and weather is hard on compressors here. We will update on further information.To answer your question no I dont know any compressors that will work well. But soon I hope to say yes.
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