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hard starts

this is an update to my original post.a highly reguarded mechanic looked at the car.he has found nothing wrong but my problem still persits.he had the gauges hooked up and all.pressure is fine and all else is normal.we have changed a noisey fuel pump,fuel filter,spark plugs,plug wires,cap and matter what the temp is, when the car sits in excess of 12 hours it takes forever to start.once started its fine,drive it 20 miles or 200 shut it off for 1 minute or 8 hours it starts right up no long cranking.extended periods of sitting seems to be the problem.can i have a bad fuel relay or maybe half bad?has anyone ever experienced such a problem?the man says everything is ok.everything is not ok and wont be ok when i burn up the starter or battery.suggestions???????????????? thanks ed
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