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I was able to get my transmission fluid up to about the right level; had to add about a half quart. Delay shifting from P to R or D is now similar to other MB's I've owned, about 1.4 sec or so.

Here's what's going on: when the car is cold, acceleration is sluggish up to about 2500 rpm, then I feel a distinct turbo boost and she pulls strongly up to 4000-4600 rpm (if I floor it) and upshifts pretty cleanly (well, for an MB tranny .) Is there a safety mechanism built-in somewhere to keep the turbo from running until the oil is warm?

Does it sound like the tranny is ok but the engine may need a "tune-up?" I'm wondering what to expect if I have a good mechanic check it out. Valve adjustment, filters, injectors, timing chain, or algae in the tank are all things I'm pondering. I want to improve low rpm torque without hurting fuel economy.

Also, where exactly is the "banjo bolt?" I'm not sure what it's called technically. What do I need to remove to access it? In other words, is cleaning it a fairly easy job for a careful but novice do-it-yourselfer? Or am I best not tackling it due to the risk of damaging something expensive? I have tools, a set of car ramps and an Impco book to use for parts identification, and some free time, but not much. Wondering if the 126 CD-ROM manuals are out yet.

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