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Anti-roll bar bushes

I should have known.

I'm sorry for doubting you guys.

My E200 Wagon has had a knocking on the front suspension since I bought her 3 years ago at 80k miles. I got this over bumps and so on. Not a real problem but irritating. Never failed the MOT (annual test ) either so I lived with it.
Also I had squeaking when the weather was dry for a while. (I'm in England so, no this noise didn't bother me too much )

I read a good number of threads here that suggested that anti-roll bar bushes on W124s is known to cause this, but I thought, naaa. This is louder, more rattly, not enough miles.

So I considered changing the dampers and goodness knows what else.
But I read some more and thought, well for 12 odd (about $18 US) what can I lose?
Well, I lost the noise ( we've had a dry spell here in England).
I lost the knocking
I lost the kickback through the wheel. She really drives so well.

Sorry again for doubting you. This forum really is SO good.


E200 Wagon 1994 108k miles.
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