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Yesterday worked some on starting or seeing if engine would start, it may not be as dead as I was lead to believe. It didn't run but it did fire a bit while turning over. Oil pressure rose quickly with the starter turning it over. The information I got when I bought the car was that a friend was driving it and claimed to hear a clunk sound from the engine area, it was towed to a mechanic and they tried turning it over by hand, it turned a ways then locked up, wouldn't move any further. They told her it would need to be torn down for an inspection and she didn't want to spend the money at the time. So took it somewhere else. They did get it running so they told her. The valve cover was off when I got it and everything looked well from what I could see. My thought is would like to do a compression test, wondering how to do it. I have a gauge question is what is good compression range for this engine and where would I put the gauge to check for compression. I have done compression test on gas engines but I didn't notice that this diesel had the spark plug holes. (hah hah) Trying to think what could be possible sources of a clunk sound, possibly injector?
Thank you for any help advice.

Douglas C
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