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Test drive of a 300e

I am interested in buying a 300e. I test drove a 1991 with 144k mi. on it yesterday. Using a previous post I found I made sure to check some common problems. It has two on the list.

The first is oil leaking from the head gasket. It has no oil in the water and doesn't burn oil, so I think that is probably just a minor leak and I think I can elect to deal with it or not. Apparently this costs about $1000 to replace at a shop, but I've done head gaskets before.

My biggest concern is a lumpy idle. It seemed to rev fine and had good power, but it was definately missing a beat at idle. This did not change at all when the engine warmed up. It wasn't hunting for idle like what I'm used to with a bad oxygen sensor, more like a cylinder not firing, but I am not familiar with MB EFI, so I can rule nothing out. Since this was listed as a thing to check for on the used 300e checklist, I'm concerned. Does it mean that it is common or that it is an expensive fix or both???

Thank for your help.
This is a very cool and helpful forum.
Brian Harper
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