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That's all. It accomplishes the same basics and I prefer to get my cars up to at least closed loop without having to hang around. It good for everything. [ that is basically what the delay does, but the ecu does it for the driver automatically]

The BB refers to a vac stopage used by some to eliminate vac to certain servos by putting a BB in the line.
The problem with shift delay BB-ing is you will still bring up a code , but it takes a while. Fortunately , code erasure on mine is a simple built in led/sw, so I do it. [ wish it was a code 2 or 3 so I didn't have to wait so long --B.G.]
I believe the code is popped by the diagnostic module comparing vac. changes when the ecu calls for shift relay energy via the vac presence monitor, but not sure . [ SB prob knows more on that]
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