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I'd be dubious, although I've never heard of this bulb, it is, after all, just a light bulb. Even in this wattage you shouldn't pay much over $10-20 or so. You still have the stock reflector with its poor lighting pattern.

Also, the stock wiring may not be up to a 100W load. You'd have to add relays, heavier wiring, etc. or risk melting the factory wiring. Remember, 100W at 12V is over an 8 amp load (each).

There's a good site that I found; they recommend E-code reflectors (Cibie). For not much more than this $70 light bulb, you can get an improved reflector, and use the stock $6 H4 bulbs.

I had Cibie's in my 108 280SE and was very pleased. They're not exactly legal in all states, but this site discusses this issue also. As I recall, the inspection station in Penna. said "oh, you have those type headlamps" and skipped testing their alignment and still passed it for state inspection

Hope this helps...

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