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When I bought the car, I drove it 600 miles, mostly at night, and the temp. seemed fine (about 80-85). Last night, I was sitting in a drive-thru line for about 10 minutes and my temp was again just above 100 degrees C. The temp outside was 63F, low humidity, and my air conditioner was off. Seems like it was running hot to me. Today I was driving around downtown and the temperature outside was about 85F and the car temp was running about 95-102C. I had the A/C on, but the aux. fan wasn't running at all. I guess I'm going to take it in next week to get looked at, but was just wondering if I'm looking at an aux. fan problem, A/C problem (refrigerant is a little low, I think), or just an overheating problem. How much would fixing each cost?

94 E320 138k
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