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Originally posted by royaiii
Thanks for everyone's reply, I really appreciate your comments on my oil pressure problem and I am relieved that there is nothing to worry about. Although, I did sense some hostility from Mr. VW bus but the subject of oil is discussed quite vehemently on this board. Oil is argued over so much here but it is the life blood of the engine and I don't like have engine problems.
No hostility intended. None.
I only cop an attitude towards the con artists
who sell sell sell hogwash, like Slick-50 and Duralube,
and STP Engine Overhaul In-A-Can.
See, I'm the idiot who had to scrape off all of those
Slick-50 decals off my windows after reading a devastating
rebuttal against their claims. Oh, and I got suckered by
ArcoGraphite a few years back. Buyer Beware and all. . . .
Mr. VW Bus : )
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