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Unhappy No first gear availabe????

I own a 1985 500 SEC euro with 205 k Miles
My tranny shifts nice, but the kick down (floor) switch does not kick down.
Same goes for the selector on the shifter (a-b)
The car starts as normal in 2nd, but if I "floor it" it will NOT kick down to first.
I checked the wiring to the floor switch, and there is NO "juice"
coming when the kick down should happend. The other wire has a solid ground.
I also tried to "hotwire" the floor switch, but nothing happend.
Could it be the fuel pump relay? If so which one is that?
There is 5 silver relays, two black (small and large) one yellow, and one red w/cb on top.I am at a loss here
Any advice is greatly appreciated

Stein Stromsoe
Louisville, KY
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