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ARGHH- 560 Won't start

I got this 89 560 SEL a while back. I can't legally drive it yet-exp registration and it's still in my grandmother's name. Anyway, when I first got it it was REALLY hard to start. I changed plugs, filters, oil when I first got it. About once a week I would drive it around the neighborhood to keep everything going (it sat up for about 1 1/2 years), and one day at the far end of the neighborhood it just quit. I pulled it back to the house and poured a little gas down the throttle body and it fired up and died a few times, but never got going on its own. The other day I changed the fuel filter and one of the check valves (I didn't know there were two when I ordered them) with the same results. For some reason it's not getting fuel. I do hear the fuel pumps when I turn on the ignition. Please Help!!!
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