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Flywheel balance


Glad it worked out for you. If you ever have occasion to remove the tranny and check, there is a notch in both the crankshaft and a responding notch in the flywheel and the manual advises that you line both of them up on installing the flywheel.

If you didn't don't panic, I had what I thought was professional advice when assemblying my 240D with a 300D and manual transission. Much later after obtaining a lot more experience with MBZ, I found out about the two marks and then checked my setup. Imagine my surprise when I found that the professional had given me a 110 series flywheel and the professional thought that the holes for the crank bolts were set up to go togehter in only one way. Needless to say, the two marks weren't lined up and I was running a 9 pound lighter flywheel. I had by that time put about 30,000 miles on the Gelandaewagen 300D engine and it doesn't seem to have made a difference. I since found the correct flywheel and still runs great.

The reason that we all love these cars is. "They can take a licken and keep on ticking."

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