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I got onto this thread from another thread about replacing the waste gate actuator.

I did the EGR delete kit and posted about it. gsrx warned that it might cause a loss of boost if the computer sensed it not functioning. Sure enough I had a loss of boost the next time I drove it. I immediately jumped on it being a computer problem. Of course, I also had a repeated failure of an injector return line (3 times on a 100 mile drive). Now that the line has been permenantly repaired the car seems to be running fine. I think I am going to leave it as is and see how it does on a 250 mile trip I have coming up on Sunday. By the end of that I should know if I have lost boost. I also need to look at the manual for the engine (OM603.971) and see if it has a vacuum or pressure accuated waste gate for the turbo.

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