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Re: up-graded ERG valve question...

Originally posted by sd_lurker

I have recently cleaned out the inlet pipe on my 95 E320 for the second time, but my CE light (code 5) continues to pop-back-on. I am now starting to think I need the 'up-graded' EGR valve that Arthur mentioned.
Could someone get me a part number, as I can't find mention of it in any of the archieves, and Fastlane does not currently stock any ERG valves for my engine number (104 992 12 075 237.)

For the benefit of all, I have posted this Recall Campaign # 95-0131 for all the models w/sticking EGRs.
Please print out a copy as I can leave this posting for only 1 week. [ sorry, I just can't tie up my limited space]
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