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I have used Bridgestone Blizzaks for at least 5 years on our 1983 300D. The traction on snow and ice is excellent, but the tires handle poorly, especially on dry highways. I think this could be due to weaker sidewalls on these tires. After about 2 winters, the traction is noticeably decreased.

I have also used the Dunlop Graspic on a Toyota Avalon. The traction was not quite as good as the Blizzak, but the handling was slightly better.

Last winter I wanted a tire with better handling for my 1998 E320 and was going to order a Pirelli Winter 210. When I called the Tire Rack they told me about the new Michelin Artci-Alpin. I bought this tire and have been well pleased. The snow and ice traction is not quite as good as the Blizzak, but the handling on dry roads and interstate speeds is very good.

Visit the Tire Rack website or call them. They can provide all kinds of info on snow tires and they actually know what they are talking about. Be sure to put snow tires on all 4 wheels also.