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Thanks for that link to how-to repair the cruise amp. I'll probably give that a try on one of the amps. First, as much as I hate to crawl up into the dash any more than I have to, I think I'll put the original amp back in and give it a test.

When I started going through this car, I found the throttle linkage had been connected all wrong. The linkage to the cruise actuator went to the wrong bellcrank, which caused heavy resistance to the linkage where it drug across the actuator bracket. I'm thinking that possibly that resistance caused a problem with the actuator and my testing yesterday freed up the actuator.

I should have run a test before changing the amp, but in my haste to complete the job I was "sure" that the problem had to be the amp since the actuator checked out.

At least I know the switch and the actuator work , that's more than I had before. BTW, the brake bulbs are new Osrams.
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