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Jerry McG
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As you'll recall I've had an ongoing alignment problem with my E430 Sport which only began when I paid the dealer to align it at it's first service as a precaution. Prior to that it showed no unusual tire wear at all .

They re-aligned it twice, but I asked that they check it a third time, as now I was getting excessive tire wear on the inside edge of the right front tire.

So, I had the dealer re-check the car the other day and according to the printout (which I have) everything is within spec EXCEPT the caster. It's a bit on the negative side of tolerance, but nearly the same on both sides.

Spec is positive 5.37 degress +/- .5 degrees. Mine is set at 4.5 degrees on the left and 4.7 degrees on the right. Now my question, could this cause any unusual tire wear on the inside or outside edges?