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I had the same problem (excessive steering wheel play) on my 94 E320 (with 100K miles). I had it in for an alignment and asked the guy if he could tighten the steering. He has worked on Mercedes for many years so I thought he knew what he was doing. It seemed like it made a small improvement, but it still had play. A few weeks later I noticed that the steering would sometimes "lock up" when turning hard. It happened when turning into parking lots or when parallel parking. I could also get it to happen by turning the wheel fast from left to right. When it "locked up" it was so tight that I had to use all my force to make a small wheel movement. Since it was now a safety issue, I took it to a Mercedes repair shop. They said that the steering box had to be replaced. Luckily they found a rebuilt one so I was only out $400. So before you start adjusting it, make sure you know what you are doing.
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