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I recently took my 99' C280 in for its first service. The car had 7K on it, so I took it in for service A and to have my tires rotated. I have always performed routine maintenance on my car myself, but I figured I would try to use the dealership for warranty purposes and because its my first Benz. To my dismay, a couple of dissapointments resulted. The shop slightly dented my hood were I assume a careless technician must have shut the hood with his fist leaving a minor indentation. They scratched the heck out of my rims when they rotated the tires. And, there were scratch marks on my paint were I believe they ran my car through an automatic carwash. $240 dollars later, I'm trully upset at the shoddy workmanship. Anyway, Is there any way that someone could provide me with detailed instructions on how to change the oil on my C280? Where I can get the filter tool and what other tools I may need? Any kind of service information how to's? Etc. I just don't want service technicians touching my car anymore unless its absolutely neccessary! I may try another dealership in the future, but I'm really paranoid of the expense and results. Please help.