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how lucky we are!!!!!

oh,how lucky we are!first for being able to drive some of the most luxurious,beautiful,safe and fastest cars in the world.and next to have such a great forum provided for us by mercedesshop.i spent the weekend scanning other mb sites and this one kicks @$#!nothing i've seen so far can touch this if i read correctly earlier a way to show appreciation for this site is to frequent the establishments parts counter.i've done that and am glad i did(prices REALLY are better here).one niggling problem i have and a question i want to pose to all of you:should we be concerned if the parts DO NOT have the star on them?does this automatically make them inferior?what does OEM mean?does every part on our car have a star on it?now. this is by no means a backdoor slam on this site-i can't say enough for the help i've recieved and the intelligence that exists with ALL it's members.thanks to phil in parts for all his help and i'll be ordering those items regardless of what people say here but it's something i wanted everybody to think about.oh,yeah-GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!
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