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Talking Gentlemen, we have cruise

Today upon returning home from work I immediately pulled the lower dash and swapped the cruise amp for the original. Test drive showed absolutely no cruise function - definitely a bad amp. Came home from the testd rive and put the semi-functioning amp in the vise (very gently) and pried back the tabs, then pulled the innerds.

No burnt chips or bits and everything "looked" ok. My problems, for all the tools I have, I don't have a small iron for electronic work. Great, I get to buy another tool . Before leaving, I decided to put in the next used amp in the pile. I mean, hell, I've got the process down to a five minute job. So in goes the next amp, and I head off to the tool store. I tested the cruise on the way and lo and behold everything works. Accel/decell, resume, shut-off at the stalk and by brake, speed holds steady, even climbing a 6% grade (and down the other side).

Now I have a small iron and will try to touch up the connections on the semi functioning unit, just to have a spare on hand. If that doesn't work (when the time comes), then I'll bite the bullet and get a new unit. For now though you can't beat the price of a free repair.
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