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Cool Nothing beats the real thing

I stopped by one of my local shops today, actually made arrangments to have some R-12 on hand for a recharge on the 560. 2lbs of r-12 later, the compressor is working great, temp at the center vents after 10 minutes of idling was a mere 40dF.

Don't know why the system was down so low, but the high side cap was missing (was missing when I brought the beast home from the breakers). System pressures are now holding steady at 30 low and 238 high. Sure is nice to have AC.

The ACC was doing it job too. I let the car run long enough to almost hang meat, then set the temp wheel to ~72dF. The system came off high cool slowed then changed over to warm. Once the temp stabilized, and the car warmed up, the AC came back on low (at least I hope that's what it is supposed to do). Very nice.
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