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Leon Hernandez
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Cool Pass. Mirror replacement on 94' C280

Hey guys, found out what happened to the passenger mirror. Looks like lots of careless car washes broke one of the two sockets that manouever the mirror. It took a good long while, to embaressed to admit how long though. It looks like a "snap fit" of the mirror into the small motorized assy. , which is mounted with three screws. Since these two sockets are so flimsey looking I'm really concerned about mounting the new motor assy. and trying to "snap" the mirror back into place.

Any school of hard knock guys out there with any ideas on how NOT to screw this up, though it looks!!

Thanks appreciate the help and I'm on my way to write for the replacement part from here.

Regards, Leon H.
PS please take off points for spelling the spell checker is kaput it seem unless you pay fer it... he-he-he....
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