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If you still feel comfortable doing this yourself you might opt to only do the upper guides. At the relatively low mileage of 175K, the lower guides should still have a good 150-200K left in them. The upper guides are a piece of cake to do, once all the accessories are removed (Power stereing pump and backing plate, cruise actuator, alternator and bracket [plus I removed the distributor to access one pump backing plate bolt], as well as the fan and shroud).

Rolling in anew chain can be a bit dicey if you don't have the proper chain guide, but it can be done. Be sure to install a new tensioner when doing this job.

I recently did guides, chain and tensioner on the 560, took my time and had it done in a weekend.

If the car has a dual OHC, rather than the singles on a 560, I would definitely say "farm it out". DOHC are much more difficult and less forgiving.
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