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Dirty Ern
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I had one done about six months ago, the place that did it charged me $2600. I had three other bids that ranged from $3600 to $4900.
There wasn't any real damage, just a few very minor door dings. I called Maaco and they absolutely would not give me any idea of a price till they saw the car, then when I got there the guy said there was was no way that they would do the car because it was a Mercedes and I wouldn't be happy with the outcome.
I'm happy with the job, there are a couple of imperfections, but not in areas that you would readily notice them.
Only problem was, I assumed that the bumpers were going to get painted also, and they needed it, that was another $130 along with the trouble of taking them off and the round trip (80 miles), they did put them back on.
Bottom get what you pay for. I know the high bid would have been next to perfection, that place did my 300CD years back, and it was a great job.
Just make sure that you spell out everything that you expect before they write the estimate.
Take a look around the shop, there will be jobs in various stages of progress, see what they are doing, look at a few of the finished products.
Good luck, let us hear what you decide on.
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