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The most likely source of water is rain or melting snow, that would normally drain off the car through the drains near the hood hinges. These drains can be plugged with things like rodent nests, acorn shells, leaves, pine needles and so on. I did not see what model MB you have, but they all seem to have a drain under the hinge pocket, and the flow of draining water off the roof, windshield and hood (when the car is moving) can cause the debris on these surfaces to get washed to this area. Open the hood to the vertical positon and inspect for debris, or if the car was sitting for a while, nests from rodents and the like. Clean it out and run water in the area to see if the drain is clogged. If it is you can run a stiff wire, like a hanger, through the rubber grommet to clean it out.

If you have a sunroof there are drains in the A pillars and C pillars that can get clogged from having the roof open under trees and having debris fall in. The A pillar drains can be seen by looking in front and outboard of the sunroof openning, and these can be cleared with either compressed air or some kind of stiff wire. Good luck, Jim
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