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Don Stevens
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Amsoil - First and still the best

I have read this thread with interest and noticed only one comment about Amsoil. It seems it is a well kept secret in MB circles too. Check out;

then click on the corporate website and/or the online store. Look at the mian page where Amsoil discusses it's "First's" in the industry. One area where they are proud to say they were not "first" is bait and switch re-formulation with less expensive base stocks and less expensive additives. Amsoil remains fully committed to full group IV PAO basestocks and the best additive packages available anywhere in the world.

Hard to find on retail store shelves? Perhaps, but readily available factory direct online with delivery right to your door(US and Canada) What is more convenient than that? Second, the "Preferred Customer" discount brings prices for most viscosities right in line with Mobil-1. I also have dealers all over the US so if you would like to talk to a local guy to your area, contact me via e-mail and I will refer you to a local dealer.

I have personnaly used the product for four years with extended drains in my 197,000 mile 17 year old BMW with excellent results. The stuff is for real and a better value than the big company BS.

Please read the FAQ at the website and feel free to fire any questions my way at

Don Stevens
Independent Amsoil Dealer
Use customer number 508684
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