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W124 misc rattles/annoyances

Having now spent some serious quality time with the new E420 (and absolutely love it), I wanted to cull some experienced from you all regarding some little things.

First, steering column rattle. Sounds like it's coming from under the wheel on the inside of the car. Can't move the column around by hand, but going over bumps or 'washboarded' sections of interstate produce a noticeable (and annoying) metallic rattle. Any ideas?

Also the exterior door handles. One on the passenger side rear is loose and can be wiggled up and down. Where are the screw/bolts to tighten up this guy?

Lastly, I'm guessing from lack of use (previous ower put a whole 8k on car in three years), all doors except the driver's door open and shut with a metallic 'clank' instead of the well-dampened 'thud' we're all so fond of. Do they just need some lubricant? What kind? Lithium grease, graphite? Where to apply?

Thank you all in advance, couldn't find much in the archives....

- Ryan
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