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Unhappy 1984 mercedes 190e 2.3l

ok ive got a 1984 mercedes 190e 2.3l gas engine and i was adjusting the idle control on the engine to try to get a smoother idle. What I got out of my attemp it a barely runnign engine. The car will not start unless to press the gas pedal down most of the way and I have to hold the engine rpms at around 2000 for a minute or so after startup to get it to even stay running. when it is running the engine pulses between stalling at 400 rpm and 1100 rpm. The car has not been driven in atleast 6 months though I have had it idling while parked prior to my escapade with the idle control near the airfilter box. Now when it is running. if I touch the brake pedal the engine dies and the gas guage drops to the empty position. I know it has atleast 2.5 gallons in the tank as I put that much in it from a gas can. I have been thinking aout the prolem and have come up with several problems that might do this. The ECM might have gone bad on me, Clogged fuel delivery system near the injectors, Vacuum stain from the brake booster. If anyone has experienced this or has an idea of what is wrong please let me know. Looking back I should have left the idle control alone but... hindsight is 20/20

Please email me with suggestions or anything about this
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