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I posted early on in this thread about Freeze-12 being 80% R134A and 20% ???

Here's the breakdown:

80% R134A
20% R142B

You also need a special tap(mfg supplied of course) that fits the can. An R-12 tap won't fit the Freeze-12 can.

I think everyone will have to come to their own conclusions. I know people who've recharged empty R-12 systems with R-134A and it worked great and not just for a day or two.

It all depends on the individual situation. You need a 609 certification to buy Freeze-12. The fact that's it's been around for as long as it has would imply it's legal to use. What the mfg. is somewhat emphatic about is the use of proper fittings and the relabeling that's supposed to take place. Whether or not anyone does this is another story.
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