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Hydrocarbon based refrigerants (Duracool, HC-12a, Enviro-Safe, etc.) are some of the most environmentally safe, but completely misunderstood, alternative refrigerants available on the market.

It is true that hydrocarbons are "flammable" but they are completely safe to use as directed in appropriately designed equipment as an alternative to freon. There is an unfounded fear of hydrocarbons in the industry due to the moniker "flammable" but, think about it, you use flammable products everyday. When you get in your car or truck, you are using a highly flammable compound to power your vehicle but you never give it a thought because you are using the flammable in a properly designed, appropriate piece of equipment.

Hydrocarbons are being embraced worldwide because they are non-ozone depleting and almost totally non-global warming. Additionally, since hydrocarbons are made entirely from natural, organic products they are completely non-toxic and safe to the installer and material handler. In addition to safety and environmental issues, hydrocarbons have also been proven to add life and performance to air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Since hydrocarbons are more efficient than CFC and HCFC substances energy savings of up to 35% have been recorded in systems using hydrocarbons.

Hydrocarbons are being hailed by many as the coolants of the future. As the older CFC refrigerants (freon) are being eliminated, many governments are now turning their attention to the restriction and eventual phase out of HCFCs such as 134a. HCFCs have been shown to be Global Warming substances although not as dangerous or destructive as CFCs.
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