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This product will allow you to avoid "Fooling With" the Tank strainer.

[If ,However you've let Tank maintenance go...and the Tank is solid GOO
You might have to resort to the Draconian "Strainer Removal + Cleaning"
just to re-establish enough fuel flow to allow the Startron to do it's job]

It's enzyme technology will KILL and BREAK DOWN the Fungus (that grows in
Diesel Fuel) into such small particles that the remainder will pass through the
filters harmlessly and be burned in the engine.
It will clean the Tank Strainer and the Fuel Tank Gauge Sender with three or four tanks of Fuel usage.

8oz. container in a Tank should start you on the way to complete Fuel System Health.

West Marine,some Pep Boys,the occasional walmart...
Or call the Headquarters Direct @ :

Star brite Corporate Offices

4041 SW 47th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314 USA
Phone: (954) 587-6280
Toll Free: (800) 327-8583
Fax: (954) 587-2813
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