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Yet another touchy subject. If you use any of these aftermarket freons besides real r12 or real r134a then you might as well mix in some water and cryo seal in there too , cause all you are doing is making a very strong system weak as for components. We went to a school where they had a 116 chasis car with a leaking evaporator filled with freeze 12 , had 2 candles sitting on the dash blower on low speed and 42 minutes later boom all windows gone and car on fire. These companies are not going to back up their product if it ruins your system. Go with what the vehicle manufacturers recommend on this system. Talk to any of the professional technicians on this board , they will tell you dont use this junk. Remember these guys experience this every day for 8-10 hours . We know what works and doesnt work. We have been there and fought it. Free advice is hard to come by, I wish they had a doctors board that would give me free advice it would save me $$$$$$$ in health insurance. Good luck and take it in.
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