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"free" diesel

i am getting addicted to diesel mb's. ive found myself looking for another. ive always driven by one that was parked for several years in my community so i stopped and asked the owner what he did with it.

i know it is a 1985 300 turbo diesel. he bought the car new in 86, and one day in 1994 it just didnt start anymore. he said if i took it out of his driveway i could have it. he gave me the title, i am going tomorrow to pick it up.

What i know:
the odometer has 90k miles, and its accurate. all the service records are in the glove box.
body is ok. reletavely no rust besides the inner fenders. and the a@@ drilled holes in the roof for a bike rack so they leak.
im not worried about interior i just wanna get the car running for now.
calipers are froze.
needs break lines
frame is solid
needs floor boards.
of course needs battery and tires

what i dont know:
i want to figure out how i can get this thing started, or else i guess i will just junk it. i looked through the service manuals, and the guy didnt ever do a valve job and didnt even know what it was.
- maybe the there was no more clearance for the car to start?
i think its just weird for a car to run fine then not start the next day.
is there a way to bypass the starter and see if thats the issue?

any other ideas on what to check first?
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