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W124 (94 E420) wiper, high beam, power window, sunroof, defrost, etc problems...

Car is a 94 E420.

With everything working, when you use the wiper or the high beam flashers, then many other electrical components stop working. The items that stop working: (all electrical windows, sun roof, rear defrost and sometimes the electric seat adjustment.)

Tried to pull out and clean the combo relay (201 821 02 47 -Multi-function relay used for blinker : hazard warning : heated rear window : wiper)

When re-inserted, everything works. Until you use the wipers or the high beams. Then the various other electrical items stop working.

Also,if I get underneath the multifunction relay and try to push the wires up toward the relay, all the other electrical function will work again until I try to use the high beam flasher and the wiper.

Replaced the combo relay (201 821 02 47) and the symptoms are still there.

The new relay is one that superceeds the relay that was in the car. There is an extra connecting pin. It seems to fit, but I wonder if that is part of the issue.

Will pull out all related fuses tonight, and clean all contacts and fuses based on some reading here earlier. Will also, re-attempt to reset the relay better.

Thanks In Advance!


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