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VA inspections you can file a complaint with the police department about the shop..but to really make your claim stick it need to pass with another shop

you can also ask them if there has been other complaints filed about the same place.

If you had some place fail you and you fix it in the 10 days and take it back they can not fail you on something they missed.

DO NOT TAKE IT TO EUROPEAN AUTOWORKS in VA Beach..had everything fixed on the car..they did the inspection with the trunk open and failed me because my tail light was missing an inside light..I knew the light was in there because I changed the tail light lense the week before..when I confronted the mechanic he ran and the owner wouldnt talk to me...well guess what I had pictures..*hahahahah* they still wouldnt admit it so I filed a complaint and with the police department...1 week later they had a 560 SEC for sale with my tail lights on it

bought a new inside tail light got it inspected 3 days later and passed...turned it all in to the police department. They still do inspections but not sure the guy who did mine still works there.


1982 380 SEC
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