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Users replied to me when my headlights would not turn on for my 1994 e320. User nissanzx1 mentioned, "Order the combo switch online. Once it's delivered, remove the lower dash on the drivers side and unplug the existing combo switch. Plug the new one in and test the functions. If it doesn't fix it, return it to the online vendor and start from square one again. If it fixes it, remove the steering wheel and replace the switch."
Here is the link to the post.

I was able to reach my combo switch connector by removing the black plastic cover above the pedals (can see it hanging in picture on the post i mentioned). You can say it is above the hood release I guess.

I have attached pics in the above link and one more in this post of my combo switch which should be similar to your car's. Not sure if you would like to check the connector before you purchase anything though. I bought mine through allpartsexpress through the links at the top of this page
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