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74 230/4 -exhaust from the oil cap?

Newbie alert.
I searched the archives and found lots of helpful info, but have some
specific questions that I hope someone can answer.

History: I was given a 74 230/4 to dispose of. Hadn't run in 10 years
(at least that is when the tags expired). Being a tinkerer, I decided
that I would at least try to start it just for fun. I squirt some oil
in the cylinders to protect the rings, turned it over a few times, then
with the help of some Thrust in the carburator it roared to life.

With such gratification, and observing that the body and interior were
in suprisingly good condition, I decided to see if I could get it going.

Question 1: How do I get one of these famed CDs that has everything I
need to know on it?

Question 2: The breather on the valve cover connects to the intake
manifold, but it has an open end there, should there be another tube
going to the air intake somewhere? Also, the small tube connected to
the lower front of the crankcase isn't connected to anything, should it
be or is it an open air breather? It seems to spit a little oil when
the car is running.

Question 3: When the car is running, I seem to get what appears to be
exhaust coming from the valve cover breather hose. If I remove the oil
filler cap, you would swear that you were looking at the tail pipe,
exhaust just puffing out.

My thoughts: Is it really exhaust? Maybe its steam? Perhaps coolant is
leaking into the case and then boiling off. I need to look when it just
starts up. Could I have exhaust blowing by the valve guides? Perhaps
the exhaust system is clogged. Will check that tomorrow.

Question 4: My compression ranges from 110 to 135 psi. I don't like the
variation, but can someone tell me the specs until I get my CD?

Question 5: The electric fan doesn't seem to turn on. I checked the
connection to what I assume was the temp. switch, which seemed fine. I
assume there is a relay somewhere which is bad. Is this a good guess?

No question I will need to pull and clean the carb, but I want to make
sure the car is worth working on before putting too much effort into it.

I am certainly going to need expert help especially since my time is
limited these days. Can anyone recommend a good shop in the
DC/Maryland area?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Much Thanks,
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