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To replace the stalk, it will be more involved than just pulling the wheel.

Remove the 2 torx #30 bolts from the backside of the wheel (or in a pinch use a 4mm allen), remove airbag after disconnecting the red or yellow connector. While storing the bag, be sure to keep it in a cool location with the cover side up. Then remove the 10mm allen that retains the wheel, this bolt may be very tight, requiring two people to loosen (one to run the breaker bar the other to hold the wheel). Don't try to use the column lock to hold the wheel stationary.

Now that the wheel is off you will have to remove the column cover plate. Easy enough, three small phillips head screws.

In order to change the stalk, you will have to pull the entire combination switch as the cruise stalk is slip fitted into the side of the combo switch. To remove the combo switch, you will probably have to pull the lower panel and the column cover. The combo switch is held to the column by three phillips head screws also. There will also be several electrical connections to loosen (that's why the lower panel needs to come off) which may also require the driver's side knee bolster (collapsable steel tube) be removed.

I think there were three multi pin connectors, one for the lights/wipers, one for the air bag and the third for the cruise switch. Once the combo switch is removed from the column, slipping the cruise stalk off is the easy part.

The job isn't really as bad as it sounds, just a lot of work to remove/replace that little stalk.
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