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While changing front brake pads yesterday, I found (or caused) a small leak of brake fluid from one of the rubber seals on the outer brake piston on the right caliper. I'm guessing I should take care of this before it gets any worse.

I'm on a pretty tight budget, so replacing the entire caliper is among my last options, since a rebuilt caliper will probably cost me $150-170. I called a lot of local "brake specialist" places and they all want to just sell me a new or rebuilt caliper. Nobody wants to recondition the one I have. So, I guess I do it myself.

In my IMPCO catalog, there's a "Caliper Seal Kit" for $27 that is probably all I need. Has anyone rebuilt the W123's Bendix calipers (actually, or any others)? How difficult is it? Any tips on it?

I can most likely get my hands on the chassis service manual for this job, if it's in there.

Any tips or insight is greatly appreciated.

- Nathan
'83 240D, 250,000 miles