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This is pointless. A compressed gas does not COMPRESS into a larger (lower pressure) volume, it EXPANDS into that volume. A compressed refrigerant will expand and difuse into ANY size lower pressure volume. If by no other mechanism than Brownian motion, it could expand throughout infinity, in theory.

When, during that expansion, a flammable compressed gas falls within it's LEL/UEL concentration range, it is a flammable or explosive mixture. The presence of non flammable gas may or may not be sufficient to permit that mixture from forming. I would presume that in the case of Freeze 12 it doesn't form or forms with such low probability that EPA allows it on the approved list.

I have not at any point stated that Freeze 12 isn't safe. If the EPA is happy with it, after consulting lots more than 1 researcher, then everyone is happy. If the EPA is unhappy with most automotive hydrocarbon based refrigerant applications (again, after consulting lots more than 1 researcher, and with public comment review, and National Science Foundation oversight committees, and peer review process) then maybe you ought to listen to them regarding pure hydrocarbon refrigerants instead of the people making money from the sale of pure hydrocarbon products.

The cigarette companies could find a minority of researchers 'proving' that their products are safe. But Science is done by majority consensus approval of all data. 'Facts' are accepted as truths until something blows them out of the water. Dissent is part of human nature, and people still calculate the value of pi, re-calculate the atomic weigh of Hydrogen, and debate 'established facts'.

Despite debate over the details, gravity still pulls, and Propane still burns, (and may explode) - it is that simple. It may not burn if other gases keep it so diluted that it can't fall within the LEL/UEL levels of concentration, or if no spark is present, etc. You can NOT safely extrapolate the safety evaluation for one mix of gasses approved for one application to every (or any) other mix of gases, pure gas, or different application. EPA, OSHA, NFPA, etc are in the hazards evaluation business. I did chemical, radiation, and biosafety hazards evaluations for 25 years, but if you are happiest with what the manufacturer says, then live long and prosper, for you have found Vulcan Kohlinahr, and need no other commentary. Nuff said.

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