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two button version works good!

it's not really that cheap looking , my $300 Viper remote start in the family van only has a few extra buttons but otherwise does not look that much better. all in all this is an excellent value at $40 shipped.

for those interested in doing this - i did have to desolder one of the relays and snip the connection between the two contacts i mentioned previously. not a big deal, you can get a $3 desoldering bulb at RS. then i had to jumper the lock relay contact to +12v. the other contact still had a wire that i simply spliced into the black (ground) connection. the rest i accomplished by splicing the wires together (relay series connection). i stuck the finished unit in the cranny above the right tail light with velcro and snaked the wires down underneath where i spliced into the trunk lock actuator harness. it passes directly underneath which is very convenient. the harness is sheathed in black and you have to cut through to get to the yellow, red and brown wires. i drilled a hole in the tail light assembly and stuck the antenna thru there and secured it with a small piece of duct tape. the range is pretty decent and it works as advertised including arming the factory alarm.

if you're not interested in features like flashing confirmation lights & beep etc, this is the easiest way to go. if you need other features you will have to wire into the convenience module underneath the rear seat.
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