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George F.
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Angry Emmision failure

I have a 1985 MBZ (euro) 280SL and it just failed the Delaware Emmision test at idle. They test at 2500-rpm and at idle and it passed at the 2500 mark.
The readings at IDLE were as follows:
HCC- - - - - -273 (limit is 220)
C0%- - - - - -3.27 (limit is 1.20)

This is a 6-cyl DOHC engine and I do not know where to start looking. Did any of these engines get imported into the USA in other bodied cars?
Are there any English manuals available on this engine?
Got any ideas where I should start?
Yes, I have mechanical skills, but do not make a habit of tearing anything apart without any knowledge.
George F.
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