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Maybe I've jinxed myself by starting this topic, but my other car blew its upper oil line today...luckily the engine is okay (I've temporarily fastened the hose with a clamp. It came apart at the junction btwn the upper oil cooler line towards the radiator (where the rubber hose connects to the metal fitting).

This had happened on my other 300SD, so I replaced the hoses on this car with genuine MBZ hoses 3 months ago (I took care not to damage the hose when installing it). The car has 132K miles, new belts, and engine mounts. This i sthe first such problem for this car.

Why would a genuine MBZ hose only 3 months old fail? Is it likely the hose or could something else be wrong with the oil cooler circuit? I use german oil filters, Mobil 1 15W50 oil.

The hose does NOT have markings where the belt simply came apart at the metal fitting!

Anyway I probably will have the dealer do the job this time.

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